Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Diveme Magazine!


I had NO idea!!!
Tourism Fiji has released its first-ever online dive magazine, Diveme Magazine, and our friend Lill has somehow managed to smuggle us into the first issue! This is a massive spread and you can check it out on page 11 and following.

Well what can I say.
Apart from us BAD boyz and girls, Lill is probably the one other person with the greatest experience of the Fiji Shark Dive, to the point that she may well be able to identify more individual Sharks than most of our feeders - and it clearly shows both in her stellar pics but above all, in her narrative.
Yes there's an embarrassing plethora of citations - but still, the girl just understands.

Kudos and Vinaka Lill - we owe you big time!
And a great compliment to Tourism Fiji and Diveme coordinator Thomas Valentine for this bold and innovative initiative!
Job very well done!


(Tiger)Lily said...

Bula guys - my pleasure! : )

Thanks for the kind words, and for putting up with me and my big camera for a whole year...

PS - I just can't help myself for quoting all this sensible stuff
(+ some people just never stop talking, which is GREAT news for the sharks...)


Horizon Charters Guadalupe Cage Diving said...

Gongrats guys