Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Who's more anti-Shark?

Fox News or Discovery Channel?

Easy question!
The answer? You be the judge!
Here's Fox News: Final Fin? and Predators in Danger.
And here are Discovery's remarkable newest release, Frenzied Waters and its equally remarkable PR kit.

Still unconvinced?
Maybe you should take the time to read this post on Deep-Sea News.
Then, please sign the petition!

Hat tip: The Dorsal Fin and Underwater Thrills.


Wilson said...

Thats quite a difficult toss up >< Didn't know Fox News was in the 'sharks are teh dangerous' goon squad but anything goes when it comes to entertainment and tv ratings i guess.

Also the PR Kit for Frenzied Waters is just waaay too creepy. Like - Eff this I'm never going swimming again creepy :( I mean your own personalised obituary note? Great PR tactic, baaaad shark publicity ><

DaShark said...

My point exactly.

With all their hype about being "factual", "educational", "scientific", "green" and "pro-Nature", Discovery are actually one of the worst perpetrators of anti-Shark propaganda.
Really shameful.

Fox on the other hand is often reviled for its tabloid journalism (and political views) but the two programs mentioned are clearly pro-Shark.

Anonymous said...

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