Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Weasel weasel....

Remember our question to Discovery Channel?

A shame that WhySharksMatter did not find it worthy of being asked but digressed into Whale wars instead. But no worries mate: no harm done. Thanks for the effort.

It's pretty obvious that Gasek never meant to truly engage with the Shark community anyway.
Like any good politician, he managed to deftly dodge the issues and obfuscate, befuddle and bedazzle whilst promoting the Corporation he works for.
That's what he's paid to do and he did a good job at it.

But whatever the exercise in smoke&mirrors, Discovery remains profoundly anti-Shark.
Their own description of this year's Shark Week Program is a case study in sensationalism, scaremongering and evil demonizing of a group of animals. Just like Animal Planet.

"We pride ourselves on telling compelling and accurate stories. Shark Week is no different. Two of our shows this year are based on actual historical events" - right, Sharkbite Summer and Blood in the Water are all about historical education!

Paul: yeah, whatever...

Keep signing the petition please.
Yes after what I've just read, Discovery won't likely give a rat's behind - but still, it demonstrates that we have a voice. And somebody please tell Sonja Fordham to stop lending her authority to this travesty - especially not via an obviouly fake blog where the last entry dates back nearly one year. That's called greenwashing and is unbecoming of the Ocean Conservancy.
Yes I'm repeating myself!

Enough said


Mary O said...

Hi Mike - Look at this quote from one of this season's program descriptions and then look at the actual figures from the ISAF:

Great White Appetite
"The Great White Shark patrols the shores of more than fifty percent of the world’s inhabited coastlines, and yet, besides the fact that they’ve killed thousands of people, we know almost nothing about them. "

According to the ISAF, great white attacks resulted in 65 fatalities from 1876 - 2008.

This guy is so full of crap. I'm really disappointed that Southern Fried Science has fallen for it.


DaShark said...

Ya know Mary, I wish I could at least say that I was "disappointed" or "disheartened" or the like.

Sadly, this was exactly what I had expected.
Words are words but what counts are deeds - and the track record is unequivocal: Discovery has morphed into the FOX of nature programming and that's that.

As to the guys at Southern Fried Science, they're young. Certainly well intentioned but no match for as seasoned media pro.

Tafa said...

Not related to this but I found this article... Its worth a read. Kudos to the staff who swapped the mask under water

DaShark said...

Thanks Tafa!

Always nice to hear from a satisfied customer!