Monday, July 20, 2009

A Confession and a Demand

Yes this GW is smiling!

Would you believe this!

From the website of none other than the much-maligned South Florida Shark Club!

As many of you know me on here, my name is Shannon Bustamante , and i have a confession and a demand to share with anyone willing to listen.
In the past I was as stubborn, immature, and ruthless as every other idiot out there that kills every shark they come in to contact with!!!!! I would slaughter them in cold blood and sell them to pay for my fishing trips, and even save up money, because i would catch so many.

But all of a sudden a close friend of mines for years (William Fundora) started Harassing me every chance he got about how wrong it was for me to be killing every shark i caught. At first i was in denial and very hard headed, as i would brush him off every time he would start. But as time went by i started educating myself more and more about sharks and the whole echo system, and the more i learned the more i changed.

Today i can honestly and proudly say that me and everyone fishing with me release every shark that we catch, which is a huge milestone, however it is not quite enough!!!!!! Not at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Full post -and comments- here !
Now is this cool, or what?

Bravo Shannon!


Anonymous said...

Cool story.

Glad you liked the pic! :)

I was smiling, too, when I took it. Now, I know what he was smiling about.

DaShark said...

Whoever you are, very cool blog you got going there!

And great pic!
Thanks for not lambasting me for having used it - I likely downloaded it from the web ages ago & kept it for an occasion like this 1.

Having said this, it may be a good idea to always watermark anything you give out?

TheDorsalFin said...

No need for lambasting if it's being used for informational purposes or a good cause. It's just a web-ready picture and is meant to be shared. I don't get uptight over editorial use of my web-images. I'm totally cool with others sharing them for non-profit use. Photos are meant to be seen! :)

The reason none of the images on any of my sites are watermarked is due to the fact that the resolution on them has significantly been reduced for web optimization. Basically, the only thing they're good for is sharing on the web. I've got the originals safely stored in case I ever run into any kind of ownership issues, but I've yet to run into any major problems, other than a site in China hot-linking several of my pics earlier this month and eating up 8GB of server bandwidth over a 24-hour period.

Thanks for the encouraging words about my new blog. I just started it up earlier this month. Hopefully, it will help spread some shark awareness.