Friday, July 03, 2009

Bravo Sasha!

Not only for this great pic of Scarface!

But above all, for having mobilized many signatures from Russia, by posting the Discovery petition on his blog. [info]asnas then re-posted it, together with this link (embedding disabled) to one of Les Stroud-Gurney's most infamous "experiments".

Yes, it's the turkeys and hams!
And listen to the idiotic comments by the great survivor man whilst he's heroically wrangling the Sharks from the safety of the boat!

Just in case you may have forgotten why this is important!

Talking of which: big disappointment here!


Tafa said...

I found some youtube videos that you might like looking at

DaShark said...

Thanks Tafa!

well - I do like those guys, even tho the experiments may sometimes look a little bizarre.
But contrary to Gurney's stuff, they are based on sound science, just dressed up in an entertaining and "gizmo" sort of way, like e.g. the punching robot.

The bearded guy in the "blood" test is Samuel "Doc" Gruber, one of the pre-eminent Shark researchers and Conservation advocates.
It doesn't get much more credible and authoritative than that!

Plus, they are clearly experienced divers, and not prone to gratuitous exaggeration - we, too, get that "Uh-Oh" feeling sometimes!