Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Sharkitarian Video!

No I did not just invent a new word!
It's from this post on Underwater Thrills and I, too, found it charming.

As is this video.
Not that I fully agree with its portrayal of Sharks. I'm more of a pragmatist, situated somewhere in the middle between Sharkitarianism and the dispassionate analytical love of your average Shark scientist. But for once, it's something completely different - maybe a first valiant, and certainly poetic attempt at conveying to Sharks a set of attributes more frequently associated with furry cuteness.
Kudos to David Ulloa for a job very well done.

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Tafa said...


I just started a group on Facebook, and at the moment I am just getting videos from youtube, showing the mythbusters (shark experiements) from last year, shark finning videos and other videos which I think could be of some use in changing the mindset of people.

Its been there for about 4 hrs and already getting people joining up. Fingers crossed :)

Its open to anyone and everyone for joining and posting comments so lets see how it goes