Monday, July 27, 2009

Fiji's Sharks

The guys over at Underwater Thrills are up to something.

Having seen the results of their last initiative, I'm fully expecting something equally smart, out-of-the-box and of course, conservation-oriented! Leveraging our clients' images? I like it already!

So whilst we're waiting for more details, here's a nice video by one of our good friends and repeat clients, Lawrence Groth (with a "t"!) of Shark Diving International and the Shark Safe Project. This is he, "t" and all - very cool job by Annie Crawley!

Depicted are the two local Shark diving companies and two of our signature Tigers, big and mellow Scarface with her crooked mouth and the much smaller and assertive Adi, or Princess. There's also nice footage of Whitetail, our biggest Sicklefin Lemon and yes, she's got a white blotch on her tail!
The scenes with BAD are those showing Rusi with his signature yellow hood, and the metal crate and pole where we keep the bait. Great footage and also, great choice of soundtrack!
Hat tip: Tafa, equally a client, for having discovered the video.

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Tafa said...

Always happy to help. The facebook page is gaining popularity and some people are very interested in it and are asking their mates to join in. They are also posting things to their profiles from the group, so the message is spreading. Basically as its said, "When the buying stops so does the killing."

I do however need some guys who can help with content and technical questions etc, as you know I can only try an do so much alone. But something is better than nothing.