Friday, July 03, 2009


Meet Alice Newstead.

She's hung herself from some fishing hooks in Paris.
Apparently, this is a radical protest at the threat of extinction facing the world's Sharks.

She's already done the same in London with the "backing", or whatever, of Sea Shepherd.

Honestly, I wish she would stop doing that kind of stuff.
Grated, it's pretty heroic and a testimony to the lady's total commitment to the cause. It's also pretty far out there in left field, as in totally whacko! And pretty disgusting on top of it!

But does it ultimately help the cause?
Alas, the answer is probably No, on the contrary!
Extreme antics like this probably save zero Sharks - but they certainly reinforce the notion that Conservationists are just a bunch of lunatics that cannot be taken seriously.

But this is of course not Conservation - it's just a stupid stunt.
And I may add: so very Sea Shepherd!

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