Friday, July 24, 2009

Delray Beach - Shark Attack?

Watch this.

Did I really read "Shark Attack Victim" in one of the captions?
Anyway: small Blacktip 1 - Idiot 0!

Buddy: next time you want to look at a Shark, grab a mask!

More about Delray Beach soon!
There has been progress - but the details so far are somewhat fuzzy and everyone is waiting for the Mayor's office to publish the exact wording of the ordinance.
Fingers crossed!


Shore Shark said...

Delray shark conservation or fraud?

Chumming for sharks is bad and might lead to attacks on swimmers.

Strangely enough one shark diving operation was making this charge against the Delray shark fishermen last week.

Jim Abernathy speaking on behalf of the shark conservation guys who also submitted a series of shark fishing images that claimed to be from Delray Beach. None of them were. In fact one image of a shark catch was from the Florida keys.

They used these images to make the case to stop shark fishing in Delray Beach. They also claimed the beaches were littered with dead sharks, this has never been proven.

The city attorney is looking into this mess.

Commercial shark divers who chum for a living telling sport fishermen that they could not chum for sharks and Jimmy Abernathy too?

Video here:

The shark conservation movement should choose a new spokesperson and get a new platform. Catch and release is a good thing, lying about where images came from to make your conservation point a bad thing.

DaShark said...

Thank you for your comment.

I of course strongly disagree!

My answer to you got longer and longer and finally, too long for the "comments" section.
Please check out the next post.

Tafa said...

hummm... what to say.... why cant they just leave them alone... Well I bet he wont be trying to do that again...

Tafa said...

This video really got me upset

DaShark said...

I've actually blogged about it!

Good to see that she has activated the embedding feature.