Saturday, April 18, 2009

Totally agree!

Luke is spot on.

We've never met nor talked, but I hear that he's one of the up-and-coming young guns in the Shark film and TV game and if this post is any indication, that is very good news indeed! About time somebody with experience and a brain hosted one of those productions!

Back to his post, it reflects much of what we have repeatedly asserted all along: Great Whites, Tigers, Bulls and all the other macros are first and foremost Apex Predators and need to be treated accordingly. Acting otherwise is a fool's bet and has no place in responsible Shark diving, especially when it is done commercially - the more as there are excellent guidelines about how to engage in this activity.

For once, no complaints: read Luke's post!


Unknown said...

Post is good - just disagree on the humanizing point: this is what I wrote:

DaShark said...

That was an excellent post Felix - and as you know, we do exactly the same!

But of course it carries an inherent risk and that is, that overly enthused Shark lovers start forgetting about the cold reality that wild and in this case, potentially lethal predators are never ever cuddly pets.

As always, it's a matter of applying common sense - which alas is a scarce commodity indeed!

In that regard, I very much appreciate the caveats that you and Wolf have started to add to your more "Shark hugging" posts!

Unknown said...

Couldn't agree more with you...and you guys definitely influenced us in adding the disclaimers ;)

Anonymous said...

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