Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Great Entertainment - for less than 5 Bucks!


I just finished reading this book.

No, don't go reading the synopsis but instead, delve right in and let it continue to entertain and to surprise you!
It talks about the Ocean, whale watching, Hammerhead Sharks, eyeless crabs, deep-water subs and ROVs, killer algae, alien intelligence, methane deposits, bristle worms, Marine Conservation, Inuit culture and the Yrr (?) - among many many many other topics. It also features an array of heroes and villains, hand-to-hand combat, tragedy, love and the Apocalypse.
It is packed with enough scientific detail and noteworthy trivia (I did only find one single factual error - can you spot it?) to make your head spin.
Blockbuster material!

It's 900 pages long and I managed to gobble it down in three sleepless nights - and I will start re-reading it tonight!

Give it a try, you won't regret it!


Dive Vava'u said...

Am on page 4, great so far.........

DaShark said...

Well, it's a beginning isn't it... (:

Getting there!