Sunday, April 12, 2009

Great Essay!

Image: Chip Scarlett

Following our Anniversary, I had a short chat with Chip.

As anticipated, his retirement has been less than transitory and I wish him the best of success, and luck in his newest, equally high-powered and stressful incarnation! The bad news being that Shark Conservation has lost an authoritative voice as his commitments are now preventing him to take up that job with "that NGO".

The good news is that he has found time to work on a new website and that he has started it off by posting a wonderful, highly personal and poetic Pictorial Essay about Sharks!

Good on 'ya Chip and may this be a template for many more such productions!
By yourself and by the many Shark-loving image hunters out there!


DMG Photo and Video said...

My Wife and I are headed to Beqa Lagoon in about a month...She is very excited about the opportunity to have a shark encounter! For me....I know I can swim faster than her! Just kidding and I am excited too! Vacation and Diving in paradise!!

DaShark said...

Good on 'ya buddy!
It is indeed Paradise!

I just checked your Blog - Happy Anniversary to both of you!