Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lynch Mob at the Gate!

For crying out loud!

Two weeks, ago, i blogged about a guy who wanted to start a new Shark viewing operation in Hawaii. It looked like a great undertaking and I wanted to congratulate him and wish him the best of luck for the future.
Yes as usual, some people were against it, but I thought that it wouldn't really be difficult to overcome their opposition. After all, Hawaii already had two highly popular and successful businesses operating in exactly the same way that were contributing to Tourism whilst furthering science and promoting Shark Conservation.
Piece of cake thinks me.

Boy was I wrong!
Not only was the newcomer forced to abandon his project: but in a sinister re-enactment of the 2002 Florida fiasco, the mob is now turning on the remaining operators in the attempt of having all commercial Shark tours banned statewide - this time apparently even regardless of whether the Sharks are being fed, or not!
Like in Florida, feeding Sharks with the intention of killing them would obviously remain perfectly legal. Fishermen 2, Shark Conservation 0!

I spare you the finger pointing and the advice.
Shark Diver over there has already said all there is to say and I invite you to go read those post, by starting with this one and then following the links. I certainly concur with their take on this total debacle, especially the part about the need for the affected operators to stop playing ostrich. They need to take control of developments via concerted, pro-active and public actions - and I'm not even sure that it's not already too late.

Just Great, isn't it.


Horizon Charters Guadalupe Cage Diving said...

Always great news IF the new guy is aware of the media pitfalls in advance and has the foresight to "ask questions and listen".

Mr.Lewis might be a swell guy to have a beer with - but opened an old fashioned "can of whupass" in Hawaii.

Right now the flaming brand folks have the floor with the old but effective media argument:


They are unchallenged at this time and "own" this one month old media battle. What we have suggested to the parties on the island is that they change this media argument to:

Shark Tourism=dollars=economic stability in a global tourism decline

There is not a single politician on the planet that will flight the "It's the economy stupid" argument - BUT without a change in dance tune now, these operators are at the whim of unguided anti-industry media.

We have seen this fallout before, in Florida 1999-2001, R.I.P. Commercial Shark Diving.

DaShark said...

Totally agree!

But is anybody over there gonna wake up?

I sure hope so - California looks very much on the cusp and if Hawaii falls, u may as well kiss the US Shark diving industry goodbye!