Friday, April 24, 2009

Dolphins suck!

Being Mammals, they must!
End of debate!

Why I even bother to meddle in Cetacean matters is that like Blogfish, I do read Southern Fried Science - and I could not agree more on his take on them!
They are certainly thought provoking and eminently debatable!

Wanna really know where Dolphin-mania (too good a link for not re-posting it!) has led us: read this remarkable post!

Then marvel at the take of FAO, a United Nations org, on the "main negative impacts" of purse seines! Tho I must say that people with long memories cannot be surprised: it was the same FAO that recommended and promoted the use of long lines, drift nets and purse seines in the fifties and thus started the industrial pillage of the Oceans in the first place!
In the meantime, the Tuna management madness continues, with some species on course for extinction within the next few years.
Just Great!

But back to the Blogs: bookmark them both!


SouthernFriedScientist said...

In all fairness, dolphins don't technically suck, they blow...

DaShark said...

Tho I don't necessarily associate "Thar She Blows" with Dolphins!

But you are thinking "air" and me, "milk" - as in suckling!
Hence the reference to Mammals.

I can live with "lick" in some terrestrial Mammals - but "blow"? In the water?
Howz that gonna work - I mean, technically? (:

Anyway - great Blog you guys have there! Very well done & keep pumping (blowing?) out the posts!