Monday, April 06, 2009

Sasha: Thank You and Well Done!

Sasha has just named me "one of the top experts on the Sharks in the world".

Very kind of you my friend - but also, way off the mark!
First, because I'm much too emotionally attached to the animals and thus fatally biased. The little I "know" about Sharks is a reflection of the insights "serious" people like Juerg and others have garnered over the recent years - often very much by dispelling a lot of the hopelessly anthropomorphic conjectures we Shark divers come up with!
And second, because I'm not at all interested in the "job": all yours, George, bullshit and all!

But back to Sasha.
Turns out he's been busy busy busy collecting trophies!
Check out the picture above and then, check out this:

Not in a million years would I ever go solo diving, in the open Ocean and amid packs of hungry predators! But Sasha has obviously no such qualms and the results can be admired in his portfolio "Bait Ball Symphony".

Plus, it was obviously well worth it!
The Sailfish & Blacktip pic has been showcased in the "Golden Turtle" Exhibition, the following amazing pic of a diving Cape Gannet (click to admire the detail! This is the cropped version, you can see the whole pic here) earned him prizes in a whopping three prestigious UW photo competitions around the world and yet another pic has been used by the BBC to announce the above program.

All very admirable!
And yet...... I have a complaint: not a single picture from Fiji!
This is undoubtely going to change as Alex has announced his imminent visit to our shores. With Shark Reef at its historical best, there's no doubt that we shall be graced with yet another stunning portfolio!

As always, watch this space!

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