Friday, April 10, 2009

Five Years of BADness!

From an old document

April 8, 2004: formal meeting between the joint representatives of the two villages with representatives of the Ministry of Fisheries under Mr. A. Batibasaga, at which it is formally decided to establish a Marine Reserve at Shark Reef. The villages assign the exclusive rights to operate the Shark Dive and collect the Shark Levy to the newly established dive operation, Beqa Adventure Divers (BAD).

Quite frankly, I had totally forgotten until alerted by a message from Nani!
It sure has been a ride!

Well, for lack of better, here's to us: James, Andrew, Rusi, Tuma, Nani, Tevita, Petero, Eliki, Wati, Tubi, Lo, Sivo, Silio, Vili and Eroni! You are the best!
And to me!

And then, to Juerg, Gary and Brenda and Ron and Valerie who have been so instrumental since the inception of this Project!
And to Stan, Doug, Chip and Susan and Bob and Dinah who gave valuable advice when we first came up with the idea!
And to the Shark Foundation!
And to the scores of friends who have joined us on the way!

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