Friday, October 24, 2014

El Diego - it's a Boy!


El Diego has just published his master's paper.
I must say that in its details, it far surpasses the knowledge accumulated in my truncated biology studies many decades ago - but what I (maybe) understand, is that it provides evidence for two distinct populations of Pelagic Threshers in the Pacific. Considering that this is an extremely wide-ranging epipelagic Shark, this is rather spectacular - as is the fact that individuals from the two groups are living sympatrically in Hawaii without interbreeding, a fact that could indicate that they may well be distinct subspecies or species.

Or maybe I understand nothing and it's all different.
You be the judge of that - open-access paper here!



Unknown said...

You got it right!! WELL DONE!! If you could understand it I am confident everybody else will!!! :)

DaShark said...

Hmmm... not sure that's a compliment but, thanks...