Thursday, October 09, 2014

Western Australia - Government Bashing?

Well it was inevitable.

The bloody controversy is raging again.
And I cite.
With the start of the summer beach season, I expect there will be pressure to begin killing tagged great whites that set off acoustic alarms near beaches. The government has noted that this will not happen, but it is a logical next step in the current thinking.

There is no anti-Shark conspiracy here.
Yes the retribution killing is totally misguided, principally because it does nothing to improve public safety, and it is good to say so and to suggest better strategies - but let's spare ourselves those gratuitous innuendos and accusations shall we. 

The facts?
Yes Rory is undoubtedly under pressure, how could it be otherwise - but there is no evidence whatsoever to justify those continuous public attacks on his integrity. Yes Barnett is certainly not a Shark lover  -  but he was not obliged to accept the recommendations by the EPA, and yet he has done so. Yes more could be done to educate and inform the public - but Sharksmart is definitely a big step in the right direction. Yes those killings are totally unwarranted - but the WA government is also spending millions on research and Shark-friendly mitigation measures.

I understand the passion and the outrage.
But this is slowly smelling like some people are trying to make a bloody career of it, and this continuous public bashing of the authorities does only further alienate them and is certainly not conducive to promoting more Shark-friendly policies.

Seriously, people, you really need to calm the fuck down!


Shuddup You! said...

No, no we will not, "calm the fuck down!"

Sharks have inalienable rights.

1. The right to free association

2. No taxation without representation

3. The right to eat what they want WHEN they want

Without sharks what will we, rabid foaming at the mouth Facebook conservationists, do?

No, no I say, with the worlds oxygen reliant on sharks, not to mention the careers of sterling members of our snarling mob like community such as Elissa Sursara, Julie Anderson, "and others" I say we MUST press on.

Onward Sharknarcissists!

Onward Self Promoters!

Onward Soldiers for Sharks!

Onward Moldy Black Duckwings!

For the Sharks! GRRRRRR

DaShark said...


But I must say that in 2014, the moldy black duckwing gang has been rather reticent and limited its activities to a) producing the usual kitschy videos celebrating its executive director, b) acting as a travel agency for trips by its executive director and c) selling merchandise to finance the lifestyle of its executive director.

Not that they did much else before - but the absence of incendiary statements by those quarters is certainly refreshing.