Saturday, October 04, 2014

And what about the Shark Shield?

Wowza. All sharks are dangerous and unpredictable. Source.

And why am I not surprised.

A friend just sent me this.
I hadn't seen it before, but I knew that the gizmo was likely to be pretty useless after talking to the Taylors many years ago. They had tested the then SharkPOD and found the prototype to be rather effective, at least with some species - but the voltage in the final product was then substantially reduced, likely for liability reasons, and the Taylors told me that they were convinced that the device would not anymore deter a motivated Shark.
And here we now have the scientific confirmation - the efficacy is dependent on context, motivation and even differs from individual Shark to individual Shark.

In brief, the Shark Shield is not 100% effective, see at top.
And if so... :)

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