Thursday, October 02, 2014


Batspray - will even stop a Sharknado! Source.


We got ourselves a new Shark repellent!
After the wetsuit scam, the rash guard and not one but a second ludicrous noise maker where a bunch of suckers have already pledged 20 grand, here comes the latest and of course GREATEST gizmo of them all!

Wow - absolute genius!
After a whopping 3 years of research, no less, guaranteed to keep you safe - and MUCH MUCH more innovative and WAY better than the surfing leash, the Shark Shocker and these unfashionable gizmos!

And this?
Utter balderdash - those banz are, obviously, 100% safe!
Or maybe not?

Next: portable bubble curtains and Rent-a-Dolphin bodyguards!


Spock, Spock Dammit! said...

Top scientists?

Discovery Channel Shark Week?

That would be Docs lab in Bimini with the MythBusters right?

Cuz' that's about the only place rare earth magnets, er, ah, the "ShakBandz" were ever tested.

Also what's with the strange VO?

Double also, what's with this sudden rush for anti-shark gear?

Did Shiffman and Hammerschlag just release a study showing beach coconuts dropping to second place in recorded fatalities behind sharks or something?

Triple also, Meh.

DaShark said...

Yup methinks that's the stuff that has been tested @ the Sharklab.

If I remember correctly, it works only at very short distances, meaning that it is pretty useless at repelling a motivated Shark rushing in for a strike, and e.g. a band worn on the wrist will not protect the leg etc.

Those magnets may possibly deter Sharks from biting hooks that have been treated magnetically and the like, but that's about it.

Graz said...

Vomit. Takes the prize for the lamest ad. Does nothing to sell the questionable device.