Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Back online!

Well, I was away and now I'm back.

First, a big thank you!
The response to the gazetting of the SRMR has been overwhelming and I just won't have the time to thank everybody individually - so there!

Second, the video is finally back up.
And third, please re-read this about Collier's demented dog who bites all the hands it sees and then runs out into the street to bite random people in the hands and in the ass! The same shit is now being asserted in an egregious publication by the Bangladesh Post Office SRI, no less, and I shall have to post a comment about it as soon as I work myself through my current backlog.



Melissa Michaelson said...

Congratulations and the video is awesome and well worth the wait. I did wait...
Are there not bigger sharks than Collier to copulate with in this vast sea of love?
I actually did kinda miss ya...

DaShark said...


Sea of Love huh...

In the big scheme of things where 100m Shark are being killed annually, Collier et al are obviously small fry - but as you should know, I'm allergic to that brand of breathy self promotion and to pseudoscience so when those people publish crap, I call them out.

And of course I do very much praise those people who further the cause of real, fact- and science-based conservation!