Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tetamanu - Grouper Spawning and Predation!

Much upgraded since I last was there - Tetamanu Village, the place to stay. Source.

This is one of my very favorite dive sites.


Patric Douglas, Semi-Retired said...

The accent just added to the stunning visuals in a way that an "Amuse Bouche" adds to a dinner at The French Laundry in California.

For those that know what I am talking about of course.

For the rest? Meh.

DaShark said...

Well well - methinks not bad for single dude with a camera and limited time!

But now that la bouche est amusée, you can wait til next year when Arte will air a documentary about this same phenomenon - and considering that they spent a whopping 40 days in Tetamanu and were festooned with all kinds of hi-tech gizmos, that production will be nothing sort of epic!