Friday, October 03, 2014

WA - second GWS killed!

This all sucks big time.

There is even uncertainty about which species may have been involved.
It is impossible to determine whether one is targeting the correct Shark until after it is dead, and even if they can ascertain that they did kill the Shark that bit the surfer, it would add nothing to the safety of that area. It is GWS season, Esperance has always been an anchor point for GWS approaching the coast, and strikes have happened there before.

More Sharks will turn up, and the prudent thing would be to educate the public and discourage them from engaging in recreational, and possibly even commercial aquatic activities during this time frame.

Oh well.

PS: Likely not two Bronzies. One killed Shark had a tag. Both Sharks cannot be confirmed as being the perpetrator. Some extremist assholes have abused Fisheries officials.

PPS: talking about anchor points, read this; and this.

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Serious Voice said...

Solution(s) taken from the tacit understanding that the problem is with surfing communities who put themselves in the way of sharks.

The entire gov and conservation screaming match over AU shark attacks is off target and tone deaf.

Let's start looking at the situation for what it is.

Predators that can be stimulated into attacking a target.

Humans who refuse to give way to sharks and who (by their activities) stimulate that attack.

1. Surfing communities should create a series of 'surf free zones' when white sharks are moving through

2. Surfing communities should create a series of media awareness packages to deploy when shark strikes happen

3. Surfing communities should pay for tracking, education, and awareness around shark attacks in the form of a $50.00 board fee at time of purchase

The problem is not with the sharks. They have been in the oceans for the past 100 million or better years.

Humans have been surfing en mass in Australia for the past 30-40.

Can we get an amen from the conservation side?


Oh well then, let's all continue to fake shark attacks (Elissa Sursara Sea Shepherd), sign petitions, and essentially behave like the naked reactionary apes that we really are.

Or we could...never mind, of course we can't.