Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Revenge of the Sea Kitten!

From PETA's idiotic Sea Kitten Stories.
Bitter and insane, she spends her day plotting revenge against the Land Kittens who live such happy lives in comfortable homes, free from the terror of being eaten.
Free no more - behold the terror!
Story here.

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Shark Diver said...

In a stunning turn of events, PETA has now become aware, that there are predatory animals out there. In an effort to protect those innocent sea kittens, they now advocate wholesale fishing of anything that eats other fish. Sadly, this decision is also going to affect a lot of sea kittens, since Tara the Tuna in a shocking announcement has confirmed, that she does indeed eat other sea kittens.

Tony the Trout has also confirmed, that his high level of mercury has been caused by eating innocent sea kittens.

Update: Due the the recent revelations that those innocent sea kittens are not so innocent after all and having suddenly become aware, that most land based animals are also eating other animals, PETA has decided to advocate people wearing fur coats to reduce the number of predatory animals that are killing innocent herbivores.