Sunday, January 15, 2012

Not a Great White!

Shortfin Mako by Ozzie Sam and GW by Chip - notice the underside of the pecs!

I'm gonna go out on a limb here.
I'm gonna do my own bit of sesselfurzing and state that Kim Holland is wrong and Helmut Nickel is right. Yes this is certainly neither a Tiger, Hammerhead, OWT or Blacktip - dooh!

But: this is not a GW either, it is a big Mako!
Check it out.

Now look again at 2:12 - see the underside of the pec?
There's definitely no black rim and no black tip like one would expect to see on a GW.



jsd said...

Big mako.

- Very pointed snout from above
- 'Look' of the head
- High and fairly thin first dorsal
- No clear/jagged demarcation between the dorsal coloration and the white underbelly

DaShark said...

One Keith Poe also points at the demarcation line between the dark dorsal and the light ventral colors.
Apparently, in Makos it's above the eye line and in GWs, below & much closer to the mouth.

But as I said, not having seen either, I'm merely sesselfurzing here!

Up Welng said...


Sam Cahir said...

Yes 100 percent a short fin mako. The surface behaviour is exactly the same as my encounters i.e. High in the water and constant fin out. Initially I was thrown off by the colour and thought perhaps it was a small GWS but about 2 mins into the vid when she turns on the side I can with 1000% confidence say this is a SF Mako. Large eye, gill plates so far apart, counter shading, colour and at about 5 mins you can see the the the upper and lower lobes of the tail are about the same size (different from whites) and you can just make out the caudal keel.

DaShark said...

Just to speculate some more Sam, both GWs and Makos have caudal keels, and both have homocercal tails - but I know what yer talking about, the caudal keel of Makos is very prominent and wing-like.

But yes I think it's a Mako tho a very prominent GW researcher insists it's a GW - and he sure knows what he's talking about.

For me it's that snowy white lower pec at 2:12