Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ozzie Sam - fabulous!

Check out the pic!
Yes that would be a Shortfin Mako and a Great White in the same frame - possibly a world first?

Sam is one of the good ones and I'm happy he got the shot.
He is extremely dedicated, to the point that he must have amassed hundreds of dives between us and the guys down the road - and obviously, the quality of the pics has improved accordingly, especially those from Shark Reef were he has been gradually allowed to get ever closer to the action.

This pic is from Oz with the incomparable Andrew Fox.
We regularly talk and I understand that it is the result of the same dedication - and like always, of a huge helping of luck!

And because it's so nice, here's another stellar shot of that Mako.
Both are highly compressed as the hope is that he'll be able to translate the originals into some well deserved income - fingers crossed!
Well done Sam!


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Thanks Mike, very kind words :-)