Thursday, January 19, 2012

Nat Geo - racing for the Bottom?

How cool is that - grinning fishermen dispatching endangered Bluefin Tuna.

Good to see that others are noticing.
This time it's not a nobody like me - this time it's Carl Safina, and if that link should not be sufficient, check him out here.

Yes Nat Geo is going down the drain.
To be fair, that would be Nat Geo WILD, the pathetic sister channel of the venerable National Geographic Channel. From what I understand, it is manned by ex Discovery Channel dudes and is now obviously frantically trying to one-up (actually: one-down!) Discovery.

The usual MO?
Stupid programs featuring stupid anchors showcasing stupid people doing stupid things, as last seen in this appalling stupidity that easily made it onto my infamous worst-of list for 2011 - or in this specific case Wicked Tuna, a show about killing endangered Atlantic Bluefins.
Ethical imperatives anybody?

Incidentally and now that it has aired - does any of the then commentators still assert that Nat Geo Shark Attack Experiment LIVE had anything to do with science and Shark conservation?
And, has it done anything to help conservation efforts on the ground?

Anyway, I'm digressing as usual.
Please read this stellar piece by Carl Safina.


Horizon Charters Guadalupe Cage Diving said...

Go Wicked Bluefin Tuna Guys!

BTW Da Shark, I shall soon collect on my bet, sadly and tearfully, but collect I will.

Agreed about Nat Geo Wild, they had a choice not to follow Discovery but they did and are no better for it.

Shud keep Gurney busy for the next decade tho')

DaShark said...


So what's the deadline buddy?

Horizon Charters Guadalupe Cage Diving said...

I am trying my best as we blog!

Raw Bluefin tonight with fresh wasabi imported from Japan and twice brewed soy sauce complete with a white Janji rice blessed by Tibetan monks during the solstice full moon.

You think I can eat like this every night?