Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fiji - Cyclone?

Have you been following the weather charts?

I have and am increasingly concerned.
The Nadi weather office has just announced that tomorrow, they will determine whether we are going to be hit a cyclone. Personally I got no doubt that it is coming as I went fishing yesterday and saw the Frigate Birds close to the coast, something that only happens before a severe storm.

It's likely only gonna be a Cat 1.
It will however linger and dump heaps of rain, once again starting from the West, then in the North and then finally in the Lau Group. Expect widespread flooding as the soil is still saturated from last week and drainage systems have been destroyed. We down here should be only moderately affected as the mountains should be cutting down the northerlies.

Please keep watching the charts and batten down the hatches!

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