Tuesday, January 24, 2012

RickMac - stellar Post!

Yes you guessed it correctly: sea surface chlorophyll = density of the infamous phytoplankton!

Finally, somebody is noticing!

And not just anybody!
In my book, Rick MacPherson, very much of (not!) bated breath fame is without a doubt one of the nicest and wittiest but above all, most erudite, eloquent and brilliantly intelligent people out there and I have learned to listen carefully when he speaks.

Case in point, this latest post about Shark conservation.
My only grievance: being a true San Franciscan, Rick is way too polite!
So there, equally translated imperfectly from your average Californian politically correct lingo: Ultimate spurious causal relationship claim means utter unadulterated bullshit - and yes, I'm being polite, too! :)

Required reading - several times!
And: we shall come back to all of that shortly!

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