Sunday, January 15, 2012

Shark App!

Michael Domeier's MCSI has launched the world's first ever app allowing people to track GWs in real time and to learn about GW biology. For now it's only available for the iPhone and the iPad but they are working on an Android version.
The whole thing costs a paltry 4 bucks and will fund the lab's research.

Me endorsing something by Domeier?
I've always said that although I continue to oppose some of the invasive tagging procedures he (and many others!) employs, he is without a doubt a brilliant researcher doing excellent and important work. As an example, the Hawaii GW Symposium he organized was groundbreaking and simply stellar, and so will be his book (cheaper here) that will once again incorporate all of the most recent GW research findings.

More details here and in this post by David!
Highly recommended!

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