Saturday, January 07, 2012

Fishermen selling Sharks!

Nothing could be more ordinary.
This is what happens daily in hundreds if not thousands of small fishing ports world wide, in this specific case, Puerto Ángel on the Mexican Pacific coast. The guys just do what fishermen do, they fish and sell their catch. Nothing to do with perceptions let alone hating Sharks, they don't care about our ramblings and are just trying to make a buck. For them, a Shark is just a fish like any other.

Probably nothing to do with the proverbial insatiable Asian appetite for Shark fins, either.
The meat is being sold to local consumers and as long as somebody is paying top dollars, the fins are being cut off and sold to some trader and will eventually be shipped to Asia - and if nobody wants them, they will just be thrown away of fed to the dogs or whatever.

That's what we're up against - 7bn people many of which are poor.
They are protein miners who fish down the food web and now that everything else has been depleted, they catch and eat what was previously considered to be junk - tho specifically in Mexico, Sharks (and Mantas!) have always been on the menu.
Biophilia? Yes, in theory - but then, look at the track record.


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