Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Undercurrent on Sharks!

Vanessa Richardson has redeemed herself - somewhat!

In my last post dealing with her, I wrote
And what about Undercurrent? Looking forward to reading Part number two - and very much hoping that Ms Richardson will start talking about the real problem that is besieging Sharks, i.e the global fishery targeting their fins! Not that I believe she will after this total fiasco. But then, as they say, hope springs eternal!
And lo!, and totally surprisingly - she HAS!

You can read part two of her piece here.
I had to laugh out loud when she mentioned George Collier - if that isn't the perfect synthesis of Sesselfurzerdom! But other than that, it is rather well researched and well put. And of course I just love the quotables by that Shark conservationist in Fiji! :)



The Sharkman said...

Looks like Ms.Richardson mixed up George B with Ralph C..... and the two guys dont even like each other!!

Nice quotes btw.


Angelo Villagomez said...

She invented this statement:

"Guam, a long-time fishing port had seen a severe decline in its shark population as the demand for shark fin soup rose but after the U.S. passed the first iteration of its law to ban shark finning, Guam noticed that its shark population began to recover."

DaShark said...

I missed that one Angelo!

But at least she didn't treat us to the fable of the Sharkwater-toting kids from Saipan, and their fearless (and always dashing!) mentor... :)