Wednesday, May 25, 2011

David - not a Dream anymore!

David Diley. Gotta work on that look - and on the tan!

Remember David?
Well, I was expecting a formal-formal announcement, but no such luck - he keeps talking about it in a rather oblique way and anybody who is not an insider will not quite catch on to the news.

So there.
David is coming to dive with us in July!
Right now, he is hopelessly mired in the post production of his first Shark-centric documentary, Behind Blue Glass which he has shot in Mallorca in April, and I cannot wait to see the trailer which is being announced for soon - which of course begs the question, is Manchester time any different from Fiji time!
We shall see won't we! :)

And in the meantime, check out this interview!
Aptly placed in the section about Challenges, it tells the story of one seriously committed, stubborn and outright crazy dude who just refuses to take no as an answer!
Yes, I'm rather impressed!

Anyway, about the Fiji gig.
David will be producing Shark.My God, the first instalment in his planned world wide doco series about people and Sharks. I know very little about the specific storyline and look forward to hearing more as time goes by - and to dashing the inevitable romantic illusions about what it takes to live, work and advocate Shark conservation in a tropical island paradise! I'm already driving him completely crazy as I simply refuse to micro-plan his visit but keep telling him that things will simply happen in their own time!
Not to worry Dave, Fiji is great and I may add, WAY better than other SOPAC countries (trust me I know!) - and bloody complicated at the same time! :)

And talking of last minute complications.
David needs some gear and is looking for sponsorship.
Like I said the first time, this is a realistic chance of achieving great exposure and very possibly, of even earning a buck in return for a modest investment into a worthwhile cause.

Please, think about it.
Vinaka vakalevu!

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