Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Florida - Sharks, Fishermen & Researchers!

Dead Bulls or Java Sharks in Dibba Harbour

Whilst we focus on individual Sharks, the killing continues.
No, I'm not saying that individual animals are not important. Emma is a fantastic ambassador for the cause, and the slaughter of this pregnant Tiger Shark has spawned a world-class Shark conservation initiative.

What I'm saying is, let's not forget the big picture.
Check out this video.

Shark World XXX from Miami New Times on Vimeo.

Totally shocking - and yet, totally legal!
One could argue that this is a humane (well, sort of) and efficient way of dispatching the animals, especially when compared to the grisly images of live finning.
Be it as it may, the owner of the vessel is totally unrepentant. He has apparently fired the guy in the video, probably less for being a total dick and more for having attracted unwanted attention, but he continues to operate undeterred as a commercial Shark fisherman - and nobody is about to stop him from continuing to do so in total impunity.

The above and other details in this brilliant article.
I must commend Michael E. Miller for having written a compelling story that describes the whole extent of the complexity of the challenge at hand.
On one side, you have the noble aspirations of Shark conservationists and Shark research; on the other, the legitimate aspirations of the fishermen who want to pursue their trade, or those of the spearos and probably other aquatic recreationists who are rightly or wrongly afraid of getting attacked.
Talk about a political minefield in which to try and enact any marine policies!

Anyway, Kudos!
This is a must read for anybody interested in Shark conservation.

BTW the cited commercial fisherman Mike Newman is not anymore killing Sharks but helping researchers tag and track Lemons instead.
That's the sort of evolution one would hope to see all across that industy!

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