Wednesday, May 11, 2011



A. It shall be deemed a World Extinction Event Crime to willfully, intentionally and knowingly engage in an action that is accepted by the general scientific community to have serious adverse atmospheric conditions or known to promote conditions that would reasonably cause any major collapse of the planet’s breathable atmosphere.
Such actions include the unregulated harvest of Chondrichthyans, which include Elasmobranchs, and Chimaeras, and the continued harvesting of Cetaceans
, aside from Aboriginal subsistence whaling.

This must be the Nadir of Shark conservation.
The most worrying aspect: I very much fear that whoever (somebody has whispered: one Erik Brush?) has posted this crap may be dead serious!

Behold the IMEC!

Can it get any worse: Hell, Yes!
This is the DIRECT consequence of the moronic sound bites proffered by the sharkitarians - and yes, if not countered, this may well turn out to merely be a temporary stage!
We could become like this - exactly like Mark just said!

See why I continue to rant?

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