Tuesday, May 03, 2011

FijiLive Part Two!

Scarface by Jean-Marie of Shark Revolution - click for detail.

I am indebted to Tevita Vuibau.
After establishing the narrative about the need to preserve Sharks in part one, he has published an in-depth look into possible local solutions and very graciously given me the opportunity to add a few more sound bites.

For readers of this blog, what I say is nothing new.
Where useful and welcome, we must assist Government in enacting pro-Shark legislation; but once that has been achieved, we must equally assist Government in enforcing the new laws, especially in an emerging economy like Fiji. That equals assistance in education, awareness and capacity building - but above all, monetary assistance so that the authorities that are tasked with the enforcement are able to field all the required resources, from personnel and boats (and fuel for the boats!) all the way to computers, software and functioning internet connections. In view of the nature of such an undertaking, this will have to be a continued commitment that may well last for several years.

But I'm of course repeating myself.
Vinaka Tevita, and once again kudos for a job well done!

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