Saturday, May 07, 2011

New Wallpaper Pics!

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The pic above is by Andrey Narchuk.
He's a friend of Sasha who convinced him to try out the Fiji Shark Dive. This, I believe is from day 2 when he was put face-to-face with some really big Sharks for the very first time in his life. Very impressive pic - but then, Andrej belongs to the crème de la crème of the Russian UW photo scene where he alternates awards with Sasha, and I fully expect more equally stellar pics to pop up on his blog now that he has returned home.

And how about this!

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Yes this is again Tatiana aka Sharky!
She was here last week and contributes one further pic to this year's wallpaper challenge. We continue to be well on track towards my predicted one hundred by June and on a good day with good viz, we believe that we're currently identifying up to 70 Bulls - simply ridiculous and no, we do not really know whether it's 65 0r 75, we're at the point of where we have to totally guesstimate!
You-know-who, better start polishing that 80 megapixel gizmo! :)

But back to Tatiana.
You just must check out her latest portfolio on iDiveSharks - this from a mere 3 Shark diving days, and by a lady who tells me that she has just picked up photography 6 months ago!
Two of my favorite ones below!

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Me, too!
So, what are you waiting for!

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oh my god, those are perfect wallpapers. espeially i love first one. thank you