Sunday, May 29, 2011

Oceanic Whitetips in Focus!

Great pic by Neal!

Good news for OWTs.
This is one of the most depleted Sharks and in dire need of protection - and it very much looks like that is happening as we speak!

First, there was the ICCAT decision at their Paris meeting.
Now, NOAA is following up with rules for the implementation of that decision in the Atlantic and probably not coincidentally, the good Shark folks at the Pew are obviously trying to capture that momentum by launching this petition aimed at extending that protection to all US waters including those of the US territories.

At the same time, I notice more activity on the research front.
Underwater Thrills alerts me to OWT tagging in the Bahamas (more info here) and I also found this video.

It depicts this effort in the Caymans under the auspices of the SOSF.
Is it me, or does that old model SPOT tag look kinda big?

Anyway, all are very good developments that need to be applauded.
Well done everybody!

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