Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Shark Free Marinas PSAs!

Excellent stuff!
We've obviously been big fans of the SFMI since day one, and Fiji continues to be one of the initiative's principal supporters.

Ever since Guy Harvey and the Humane Society have decided to support the concept, Luke has been assisted by a growing number of Board members, Celebrities and yes, certainly not leastly, by the influx of much needed funds that are being spent on promotional and support materials but also, on excellent PSAs.

Here are two of the most recent ones.
The first contains the endorsements by actor Kelly Perine, singer/songwriter Aria Johnson , celebrity photographer Nigel Barker, actress Lisa Edelstein, guitar legend Slash, the Dr Guy Harvey, American football legend Steve Bartkowski and the SFMI's Director Luke Tipple.
The second features the unequaled Guy and specifically targets the marinas in Florida - and I sure hope that there will be more targeting the other coastal states where pro-Shark activities have so far been dismal!
And, let's not forget this one! :)



Anonymous said...

I applaud Mr. Harvey's initiative, however surely he cannot be suggesting that sport fishermen are responsible or will make any difference whatsoever in the grand scheme of things? The numbers just don't add up.

DaShark said...

No, nobody is inferring that the game fishermen are the cause for the catastrophic decline in Shark stocks.

It's a catch-and-release initiative.

Just like any self respecting modern game fisherman has learned that it is cool to release (and tag) Billfishes, the hope is that the same will eventually apply to Sharks.

The hope is also that the IGFA will abolish the all-tackle weight records that target pregnant females - not only for Sharks but for all Fishes!

Responsible game fishermen need to become the stewards of the Ocean and protect the resources their activity depends on - very much in line with what the responsible hunters have done in favor of maintaining and managing critical wilderness habitats on land.