Thursday, July 01, 2010


Yes without an "r"!

That's the Fish this Bull Shark is chomping on!
We normally feed Tuna heads but from time to time, we get a couple of these strange looking specimen - and the Bulls love them! Look at all the yummy Fish blood, a clear indicator for good Shark bait!

The beautiful and bizarre deep-water Fish is Lampris guttatus, colloquially referred to as Sunfish or Moonfish, one of two extant species in this genus. Not really rare but rarely caught by anglers, here's a fresh one caught in Mexico.
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deep sea water said...

Wow what a cute fish this "Sunfish or Moonfish"I really loved it..thanks

Charles said...


What a great post..really super..I really like this "Sunfish or Moonfish"..Keep posting..Thank u

Zebra Shark

steven mandzik said...

Amazing shot of an opah!

I've been eating it a lot more here in Southern California. So, I wrote up a piece about and used that photo, thx!

Have you tried opah? A sustainable, locally caught fish