Friday, July 09, 2010


Big surprise today on the way to Carpet Cove: breaching Humpbacks!

Fiji is a Whale sanctuary.
But whereas there used to be heaps of Humpbacks in the 50ies, the population was subsequently severely depleted as Sovjet whalers killed tens of thousands of Humpback Whales in Antarctica and very possibly eradicated the "memory" of the migratory route to Fiji.

Looks like the leviathans are making a tenuous comeback.
Two years ago, a lonely individual parked himself on Shark Reef - at which every single Shark , never having seen anything like it, decided to leave!
During last year's winter, we kept hearing their songs on nearly every dive and now, it appears, we're in for more encounters.

Great - provided that the Sharks remember who's the top dog!


Anonymous said...

Wow, that is great news, good to see that there are more sightings now in Fiji.
I am sure the sharks will get used to them!

DaShark said...

They better - or else!

Aussie Sam said...

I bet they all leave and the visibility turns bad by the time i get there next week :-(

DaShark said...

So far so good Sam - and the weather is definitely improving!