Wednesday, June 30, 2010

BBC Shark Videos - simply fantastic!

I really did like this alot - take a look.

This could have been about any other animal and its habitat.
For once, a Shark video featuring no stupid host, no fabricated hype, no gore - but also no romantic stereotypes, no scenes of finning, no doomsday scenarios, no wagnerian drama!

Instead, the clip contains all the ingredients of truly professional nature programming: excellent story line, excellent images, excellent editing, excellent commentary, excellent sound track. With Shark Week looming and increasing indications that this year's lineup will once again feature plenty of Shark porn, the BBC once again shows everybody how to produce fantastic documentaries featuring Sharks.

This is the way forward, this is how one gets the message across.
It has been successfully done with the terrestrial predators and I cannot tell you how glad I am to see that the same rules are now finally being applied to the Marine ecosystems.

More of the same below, capitalizing on the amazing insights of TOPP.


Horizon Charters Guadalupe Cage Diving said...

Mike you could add an alec guinness-esq vo to a bbc documentary about paint drying on a wall and it would be facinating.

that's the magic, great vo's, no profiled show host;)

Wilson said...

Did I mention how much I love BBC nature documentaries?

Also - saw this and thought of you guys ;P

DaShark said...

"A game for real MEN"????


Wilson said...

;) Real men don't play little cute kitten pet video games. Nawwww. Real men play SHARK PET VIDEO GAMES :D

Granted the shark is quite the cute little fella, party hat and all, but hey...its a SHARK ^_^

Shark > Kitten.

(Of course real men also swim with real sharks, but for the less fortunate men like me, I'll stick to the shark pet game for now :D)

DaShark said...


Thanks for the info buddy - it even made it into my latest post!

As for the swimming w Sharks bit - u know where we are and we got capable people eager to teach & show you!