Wednesday, July 21, 2010

About booking the Fiji Shark Dive

There seems to be some confusion, so there.

It is really this simple.
In order to experience the Fiji Shark Dive, you will need to have a confirmed booking with Beqa Adventure Divers and you will need to board one of our vessels that will take you to Shark Reef Marine Reserve.
You can book with us directly - or via an intermediary, i.e. one of many reputable international travel agents that market our products, one of the local hotels we co-market with or one of the many local tour desks and hotels throughout Fiji we co-operate with. They will help you make a booking with us and earn a commission in exchange.

This is what does not work.
We generally cannot cater to last-minute walk-ins as we tend to be fully booked.
And above all, and contrary to the past, we just cannot anymore accommodate other dive shops wanting to join the Shark dive by taking their clients to Shark Reef on their boats. Specifically, at present, we do not have any such deals with any of the resorts situated on Beqa Island. Thus, anybody booking Shark dives when staying with them will not be joining our dive.

The reason for this is that this was never about maximizing our profit.
We will thus never run a cattle dive but instead, we will always try to provide a professional, personalized, enjoyable and above all, extremely safe experience and have thus decided to limit the number of customers on any one Shark dive to 20 only. Even on the rare days where we may not reach those numbers, we prefer that our customers enjoy that special feeling of exclusivity and will still turn away other operators.

The one exception to that rule are special charters.
At present, the price for such a charter is FJD 2,800, non negotiable, for which we will run an exclusive Shark dive even for other operators. But having said this, we will still limit the dive to 20 customers and we will retain full control of the dive and continue to enforce all of our procedures, inclusive of the rules about capturing images.

I hope this will help avoiding any further misunderstandings.

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