Saturday, July 03, 2010

For real Men!

Wilson alerts me to this game.

For real men?
I'm obviously too old and technophobic for that kind of stuff - but then again, it quite remarkably appears to be completely devoid of any attacks, chomping and killing and all of those other pedagogically valuable attributes commonly associated with Shark toys and the like. So I guess that's progress and thus a good thing!

Which brings me straight over to the Are You Man enough Shark Challenge - remember?
Looks like after having been dragged there kicking and above all, screaming, Jack Donlon has seen the light: his tournament has become catch-and-release and a continuation of the excellent trend pioneered by the Guy Harvey Ultimate Shark Challenge.
And since it's popular and thus, good business, Jack plans to roll this out even further! Yes it's ultimately all about the money - but if it entertains the plebs and saves Sharks in the process, all I can say is well done, good on him and best of success with it!

Tho I still believe that those IGFA weight records must be abolished - and that, anyway, game fishing for Sharks is for wanquers !
Yes, please excuse my French!


Horizon Charters Guadalupe Cage Diving said...

"other pedagogically valuable attributes" love to see 69 cent phrases used in a blog post about shark conservation;)

Fine use of the word pedagogically.

Robert said...

Notice how Jack " Jabba the hut" Donlon wrote the story on Fort Myers Beach talk...your link to "has seen the light".

DaShark said...

Not hut: Hutt!

That's a race of Gastropods from the planet of Varl, now living on Evocar, or Nal Hutta!

It's all on the web - see !

Robert said...

Way too many jokes available after reading that link.