Thursday, July 15, 2010

About Biodiversity, with E. O. Wilson

The distribution of marine biodiversity varies widely throughout ocean basins. The abundance and diversity of most taxa tends to be highest near continental and island margins that are less than 2,000 meters deep. Please click to enlarge.

This is about Assumption 2.

Ed Wilson is one of my heroes.
Now 81, his mind remains as sharp as a razor.
Along with other seminal books like Quammen's The Song of the Dodo, his The Future of Life (read this great interview) is one of the publications that convinced me that something needed to be done, right now. Choosing to focus on the Oceans, and Sharks in particular, was then nothing more than a corollary and largely spawned by my life long passion for diving and underwater imagery.

Anyway, I'm digressing as usual.

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