Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The Running, and not, of the Bulls!

Now THATs what I call dangerous - click to enlarge!

Pamplona is about to unleash!
A big Bula Vinaka from Fiji, and may everything go well!

As to our own Running of the Bulls, it actually happens in January.
But as the El Niño has fizzled out and may well be slowly evolving into a proper La Niña, the numbers continue to be impressive, with a constant 30 to 40 big Bull Sharks on every dive!

With one exception last May.
For a whole week, numbers were positively dismal and the few scattered animals that deigned to turn up refused to feed, as described in this post by Sasha (translate it here and yes, that's yet another stellar pic from this year's crop!). And would you believe it - at the same time, the Manta Rays disappeared from neighboring Kadavu! And, I hear, from the Yasawas!
And then, just as suddenly as it started, all was back to normal and kept getting better until reaching our all time record in June.
Go wonder!

We've been scratching our head ever since - but may this be correlated to the weather phenomena that happened in May and are described in the link? And may Richard have experienced something related when he got skunked in the Bahamas?

Just goes to show how little we know!
Which by the way, is totally part of the fun of what we do!


BeachNomad said...


You still have time to come over to New Orleans for our running of the bulls.

Yours are probably less dangerous!

DaShark said...

Wow - only in America!

El Pobré de Mi (Poor Me)
- and yes, I'm citing! That's a website well worth visiting! Amazing!

Yup ours are WAY less dangerous!