Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tim Rock - excellent Shark Media!

Yes I'm obviously biased!

Timbo is a good friend and a good friend of BAD.
He is also a great guy, one of the world's foremost photojournalists and a staunch conservationist, and it has been an honor, and a pleasure hosting him during his forays to Fiji. The result has been a great coffee table book and a smaller book focusing on Shark Reef and our efforts to preserve Sharks, along with a whole series of articles in the adventure travel and diving media.

Now, Tim's travels to Fiji are the topic of this feature in PDN.
True to his calling, Timbo once again manages to weave in excellent pro Shark messaging - along with promo for Fiji, Continental Airlines, the books, SRMR and, yes, us! Talk about being a consummate professional!

As always Timbo: Kudos and Vinaka!

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The Sharkman said...

A year ago, I was a guest of Beqa Adventure Divers and I spent 3 weeks diving at the Shark Reef Marine Reserve.

When Tim's book was published this year, Mike informed me and I got a copy. Tim has done a fantastic job in capturing the beauty above and below the surface of this South Pacific paradise.

For me, this book is a true photographic memory because it contains a lot of familiar faces of the people and the sharks I got to know.

Thank you Tim.