Thursday, September 25, 2008

The straight Shooters

Have you noticed: I very frequently reference "Underwater Thrills; Swimming with Sharks", the fabulous blog by California-based Shark diving operators Shark Diver.

Always interesting, often funny and sometimes highly controversial, they embody the very best our Industry has to offer in terms of Information, Entertainment and Opinion.

As you may have gathered, the universe of Shark aficionados is populated by a passionate and diverse menagerie of unique characters. Talk about being toothy, opinionated and solipsistic - yours truly included! But despite of all the controversies that regularly have our tempers flaring, we all share a great common love and concern for the welfare of Sharks and the Ocean in general.

Regardless of whether we're Cowboys, idealistic Tree Huggers or Pragmatists, Underwater Thrills offers something for everybody.
And in a small community where draw-shoot-aim seems to be the rule, their global outlook and their well-thought-through and often visionary op-eds regularly position them at the very forefront of developments within our Industry.
Like this latest one exploring the limits of sensationalism and risk-taking in commercial Shark diving, and the ensuing discussion thread: timely, well said, well moderated. Yes indeed, "Commercial Shark diving is not SCUBA diving"!

Much to learn from and much to be inspired by!

I say: well done guys, and thank you - May Dakuwaqa always be with you!

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