Thursday, September 18, 2008

CNN again!

I've blogged about it before but I'm compelled to applaud CNNs Planet in Peril again.

This time, it's a short trailer featuring correspondent Lisa Ling and, alas, Cocos Island.
That's the place where I started getting "serious" about Sharks way back there in the 80ies, before the Hunters and Aggressors and the like.
Talk about schooling Hammerheads by the thousands! Really!

It is just heartbreaking seeing video of longlines killing, I believe, Galapagos Sharks coming from that place - and this despite of all of the money going to Costa Rica's National Parks by way of the park fees collected from visiting vessels and divers!
Want to really know the whole chilling story of what's happening to the Sharks of the Eastern Tropical Pacific? Then you may want to download "At Rock Bottom", WildAid's comprehensive compilation of the region's desolate state of affairs.

You can show your concern and solidarity by following Felix and Wolfgang Leander's invitation to get involved.
Their cult-blog "Oceanic Dreams" outlines two possible ways: vote for Cocos to be included into the new 7 Wonders of the World; or else, vote for it to be a nominee in the American Express Members Project.

Thank you and well done guys - and lady!

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