Monday, September 22, 2008

Freshwater Giants!

I found this amazing picture on the unparalleled SeaWayBLOG.

It depicts what could be the largest freshwater fish, a Giant Stingray from the Mekong River..
The post is about ecologist Zeb Hogan and his Megafishes Project, the quest to document and protect the World's largest freshwater fishes.

The Mekong harbors other giants, like this enormous catfish that is equally a contender for being the largest freshwater fish.

Other freshwater giants are the Amazon's Arapaima , the European Wels Catfish (pic on the right) and of course, with up to 8 meters and 2,700 kilos, the largest of them all, the Beluga Sturgeon which is however anadromous and may not fully fulfill the criteria. And how about the Chinese Paddlefish which however may already be extinct?
Or have you previously heard about the Taimen, the world's largest trout? Me neither!

Any freshwater Sharks?
Of course, there's our Bull Sharks and some other well known species - but they're merely freshwater-tolerant.
But there's a small and poorly researched group of Sharks from the Glyphidae Family prowling some Asian and, no wonder , some Ozzie rivers. They are the Ganges, Speartooth and Irrawaddy River Sharks but very likely some more, undescribed species like this specimen from Borneo (and there's plenty more to learn if you continue scrolling down that website) and some new discoveries among a new batch of finds from OZ.

Back to that stingray, here's a video of that amazing encounter - enjoy!

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